Puppy's Corner

Learn More About Your Puppy

Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member. The first few months of a puppy’s life are very important for pup and owner. As well as learning how to behave and socialism, there are some important healthcare needs to attend to.

This section is to help you to get your puppy accustomed to its new home and to help you to care for it.


We recommend a course of 3-4 vaccinations, 3-4 weeks apart, starting from 6-8 weeks of age. This means that your pet will start to become protected from infections, diseases as early and as effectively as possible.

Remember, a pup is not fully vaccinated until it is two weeks after its last puppy vaccination and should not be walked until this stage. Some puppy viruses can cause death if not vaccinated against appropriately.

If there are fleas or tick about, they will find a way onto your dog’s coat. Whether they exist as eggs, larvae or young form, they will soon invade your pet and their environment, your home, too.

Therefore, external parasites control is important from a young age as they can pose much more serious health issues in young animals.

Please ask which treatment is best for your puppies as not all treatments are effective or safe to use for young puppies.

Tick, Fleas and Parasites


Most puppies are born with worms already in their stomach and they are also infected through feeding their mother’s milk. So, it is best to ‘presume guilty’ when it comes to worms.

We advise worming every two weeks until 3 months of age and then monthly until 6 months old, after which at 3-6 monthly intervals.

Please make sure to pick up your puppy’s poo regularly, as puppies love to eat their poo, which can cause re-infestation with worms.

Roundworms also pose a health risk to humans, especially children. Worming is essential to prevent and reduce this risk.

Castration (male) and spaying (female) have lots of advantages and can be done as early as 6 months of age, before they hit puberty.

It has many benefits of being carried out early

Spay & Neuter


Your dog should be registered with your local council and a dog tag will be provided. We suggest you also attach a personalised tag including your phone number.

Another more permanent form of identification is called microchip. Microchipping is a procedure involving the placement of an electronic chip (about the size of a rice grain) under the skin at the back of your pet’s neck. It is very simple and your pet will feel little pain. Once done, your pet’s details, and your contact address and phone numbers are entered on our clinic database.

If your pet is ever lost, a veterinarian anywhere in Malaysia can scan your dog for the microchip and the chances of having them returned to you are greatly increased.

Your puppy should be fed on a complete and balanced diet especially formulated to suit his/her stage of life. We recommend a premium brand puppy biscuit, as they are made from high quality ingredients and provide all the nourishment your puppy needs. Dry food is better than tinned food for your puppy in the long term, so start as you intend to continue!

Puppies only have small stomachs and require small meals often. Three to four meals spread throughout the day is best. Changes in diet should be made gradually as sudden changes can cause diarrhoea and other problem



The more different experiences, people and places your puppy sees, the better! Puppy socialisation, as it’s called, means getting your puppy used to the great wide world, and teaching him his place in it so that he knows how to behave and doesn’t get frightened or even worse, aggressive, in certain situations.

His mum should already have taught him the basics – and after his vaccinations you can carry on the good work. Puppy classes are great for socialization!!


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