Guinea Pig's Corner

Learn More About Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs make fantastic pets for those people limited by space, and those that love an affectionate and social companion. Find out fun facts about Guinea Pigs and how to care for your little friend here.

Parasite Control

Parasites can be a problem in many pets but generally Guinea Pigs are lucky when it comes to creepy crawlies. Unlike other pets, fleas and worms are rarely a problem however they are susceptible to Lice and Mites.

Lice/mites are quite common in guinea pigs. They may be picked up from new bedding (eg. hay, straw) or other guinea pigs. Some lice are visible to the naked eye and cause intense itchiness and scabs.

Guinea pigs have teeth that continually grow hence overgrown incisors (front teeth) and molars (cheek teeth) can occur.

Dental Care


Guinea pigs are neophobic. This means that they adopt a strong preference for food type in the first few days of life. So it is a good idea to feed a range of food types from an early age such as fresh fruit and veggies, good quality hay and occasionally pellets.Vitamin C supplementation is required in guinea pigs as they can not make their own. Fresh green vegetables or ¼ Vitamin C tablet dissolved in their water daily is enough to meet their requirements.

Guinea pigs have continuously growing nails that need to be trimmed regularly.

Nail Trimming


There are a variety of hutches and cages available to house Guinea Pigs. Generally Guinea Pigs should be kept indoors as warmer weather (above 27 C) can cause heat stroke. Indoor cages should allow at least 0.5 square meters of floor space per guinea pig. Since they are social animals guinea pigs can be kept in small to medium groups, but clearly mating will increase the number of animals so single sex groups (or neutered and spayed pets) are advisable..


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